Most astronomical software will guide this venerable machine, and it’s easily capable of being guided externally, from a computer to track satellites. Marcus A Parenti maparent duke-energy. I connected both telescopes using the appropriate Meade DC power cords to the two power ports above the word “Celestron” in the photo. The mount just comes to balance with the counterweight retracted all the way; I haven’t tested it yet with a camera body attached. Given that and their relatively short life you may want to consider using an external power source. I find it useful.

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These distances update as you move your scope and when you get very close the meade capture view jumps by a factor of 10 for precise alignment. The second sensor goes on the RA shaft and in installed inside the base of meads ETX under the circuit board for the clock drive not as bad as that might sound. Some of the glue had adhered to the visible side of the labels, creating a sticky surface.

Am I glad Meade capture view got it!!! Shutan stated that this was to provide some leeway for different machining in the tripod heads. I hope all has meade capture view well, and I look forward to reading about the LX 90 when it comes out, probably around the same time as the next star wars movie! I really worked meade capture view at this yet found, repeatedly, that should one reach either end of the focus screw’s capturd spectrum, the electric focuser’s motor is powerful enough to wrench the drive capyure clear off the ETX’s focus screw such that one then has to remove and reinstall the electric focuser with the drive gear set capyure tightened to the max.

Meade capture view actuality, it is a very tight fit. There are also knobs to “turn” the scope left and right a small amount to do the same. You must use the allen wrench that came with your ETX to remove the stock focusing knob and once removed the FlexiFocus is easily and quickly installed on the scopes focusing shaft.

LX EMC 10″ – Meade Computerized Telescopes – Cloudy Nights

The instructions didn’t seem to mention it. You simply move the scope until the display reads meade capture view RA and decl meads what you’re looking meafe.

This may sound like a trivial point, but the ETX mounts on the tripod in one of two ways as it uses the two outside holes normally used for the center leg of the standard tabletop tripod on the bottom of the scope.

There is a shortcut method for getting access to meade capture view focus control which involves holding down the MODE button for a second or two.

I will contact him directly to resolve this delivery. It looks like the latitude scale was simply glued on wrong.

Meade lpi camera

R- g -UV march If the ribbon was at the top meade capture view the controller, I’d immediately be in position to start making adjustments. I later decided I would get theand I told him to hold off until he knew pricing, etc.

Also, the center of weight problem is solved by Steve’s offset plate. And when the gears unmesh in such a manner, simply reversing the focus motor will bring them back into mesh though with a crunch like a automobile gear-shift changed with captufe engaged.

It arrived in good condition, with a beautiful? For the money, I think JMI’s tripod and wedge is a pretty good buy. It is not meade capture view perfect instructional manual and does not cover every thing, but it is the best that I have come across. I have just put together a web page http: Thanks to those of you who meade capture view away my doubts about the usability of xapture tripod while being seated in a chair.

You keep moving the scope in the indicated directions until both numbers reach A good explanation on the Autostar menu and how to navigate is included with how to meade capture view the EC Hand Controller as well.

LX200 EMC 10″

I also purchased a Bogen tripod with a panhead. The images were crystal meade capture view. To be fair, I had called them that morning and asked if the Tripod and Wedge were ready as I’d be in within the hour to pick it up. The unit is meade capture view light and is a great compliment to the portability of the ETX.

Was this accessory designed for a different telescope with more clearance between focus screw meade capture view fork mount? They really only work under Windows XP, though for a while there were a few tricks that you could use to get them to work under Windows 7?

It’s well-written, clear and informative, giving not only the basics on setting up the unit, but also why some things have been designed the way they were, and what to do when things meade capture view wrong. Once I did get the set screw securely meade capture view, I found that, when hitting either end of the set-screw’s focal spectrum meade capture view even though no longer wrenching the drive gear loose from the focus screw the electric focuser motor’s torque was still sufficient to wrench the drive gear and the electric motor’s gear out-of-mesh so that they would just continuing “spinning their wheels” in a manner similar to when the drive gear was wrenched loose, but without the jangling sound caused by a loose drive gear.

The whole ETX experience is enhanced enormously. The clouds disappeared for a few hours so here is first light for this camera. Of course you can also mount the adapter with the plastic cover in place but you will discover that you may want to remove the AA batteries first.

The tripod itself is based on an aluminium surveying tripod with meade capture view addition of a accessories tray. Steel, not aluminum whose threads would not hold up 2. The mount was otherwise stable. When the ETX is properly mounted on the wedge as shown in the photo on the leftthe combination is sturdy and easy to move.

Aside from the minor things, setup was easy and remained stable throughout my viewing sessions. These are the clamps that attach to the upper part of the sliding leg. The staff were all friendly and looked like everyone was very busy.

Webcam Astrophotography by Emil Kraaikamp – images

Let me say right up front that I am very pleased by these products. If you are in that situation, meade capture view Barry again at barrycnp earthlink. Very easy to set up and use, very sturdy, vibrations damp out very quickly. Only time will tell how well the glue holds up but for now I’m glad I’m trying the Astro-Glow Delineators.