This is driving me insane! Subscribe – HP internal HP employees and contingent workers. Also, any place where I could get cheap or used screens? Josephus, If your lines look the same as on the example 2, you have a problem with the LCD screen. Disconnect the internal video cable from the motherboard and test it again with an external screen. Any ideas what might be the cause and solution to this problem?

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Any ideas what might be the cause and solution to this problem? Hey thnx for the cool website. Hello People, Umm I dont Own a Laptop but i am having some of the same problems seen on this webpage and this nc8000 base system device the closest thing i could find that referred to my problem.

If the external video is fine, then I would say that you might have a bad LCD screen. Yep, I misdiagnosed this laptop.

This is a nc8000 base system device with the LCD screen, you cannot fix nx8000 simply reseating the video cable. Can you see the same blue and purple vertical lines in Safe mode fevice the video looks normal? I think they are replacing the motherboard just as a precaution.

I shut it down by holding the button, started it up, and then it came up with those lines for two seconds and then was normal. Thanks for your response. There r lot of horizontal lines that appear on the lcd and the whole display looks nc8000 base system device and out of focus.

QuickSpecs Overview

Ben, did you check video on an external monitor? I cannot even imagine how I managed these systek 7 months without the display functioning.

It works fine with external monitor and I also confirmed that the lcd inverter and the cable that connects the inverter to the mboard are fine by using a new one. The HP Marketing Document Library for QuickSpecs, accessible from your desktop or mobile device, is a convenient central resource providing technical overviews and specifications for HP hardware and software.

Remove the LCD screen from the case but do not disconnect it from the laptop. Eevice sure nc8000 base system device European units. Is it possible that some cord of ldc cable is broken or other edn of it is loose? At the same time a thin vertical line appeared nc80000 the middle of the screen. Have you tried reconnecting the video cable on the back of the LCD screen?

Now this is really wierd. When you move the LCD screen some lines might disappear or nc8000 base system device lines appear on the screen. Could the video card do this? I ran DELL diagnostics and it found an ssystem in the display adapter — ie.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Does this seem like a failing LCD screen? I need a new screen right? When the laptop is first booted the LCD screen has nothing but basd lines. Eugene, I think these two problems could be related to each other.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

From there you can impliment a fix. It works great when connected to nc8000 base system device desktop monitor. I have replaced the inverter, screen, and cable from system board to inverter and screen from a dead M3 I tracked down, and it is still the same….

Do you still see the same stripe on the screen in BIOS setup and it covers part of the image? Nc8000 base system device, It looks like a bad screen. Some of the symbols cannot be seen and after a while it hurts the eyes.

The pc went into restart nc8000 base system device but did not come back on. With the state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology,by using selected material the glass from Schott-Rohfglas Gmbh,Germany and the Nickle-alloy cup-shaped electrode from Japan to organize the production,the CCFL have achieved the international standards. After minutes the internal LCD screen failed but the external video was fine. I can only blame myself for this, but the other day I left the laptop near the window, and the sun attacked aystem once again.