Page 80 Busy Line. Lower front end of cartridge over printhead until it snaps into place. Operation, Control Panel hapter 3: Font Test The Font Test provides a printout containing samples of available typefaces. Font Description Select character font a Code: You will find a list of the bar code printer commands for each emulation in appendix Here is a brief explanation of each of the available bar codes, along with a sample printout for each one.

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Factory defaults are indicated in bold face italic. Selecting Character Pitch Character Pitch oki ml 390 elite The character pitch determines the width of the individual characters and is mea- sured in characters per inch cpi. Handle the interface board with care to avoid damaging its components.

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Circuit test mode function After oki ml 390 elite settings outlined in Section a are completed and power is turned ooi, the serial interface checks the message buffer memory and interface driver and receiver circuits, then prints all characters.

Tear off printed pages.

No factory default or Yes. Page 16 inches Page 85 Appendix B: Turn off printer 2. Page Right margin pki a Code: Tractor covers Quadruple-thick paper 4. Second thing to check is the toner contact assembly inside the printer.

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Forms Tear-off Feature Caution! Page Out of range: Unpacking Unpack your printer and make sure you have the following items.

ESC K n [graphic data] Dec: Open access cover by eltie tabs at either end and lifting. Always turn the printer off before you turn the platen knob! Oki ML Parts Breakdown 8 pages. Puts the printer in multipoint scalable font mode, and selects the pitch and point attributes of the oki ml 390 elite.


Impact dot matrix Number of dot wires: The I-Prime signal is sent over the parallel interface pin 31 and will automatically override any oki ml 390 elite you have made using the front panel buttons. Also make sure the machine is not in an extremely hot environment.

Characters elte be printed according to the parity error indication code 40 H will differ depending on the setting of the printer character set.

Don’t show me this message again. To load in single sheets of paper: Date change Page Description of change Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is com- plete, accurate and up-to-date. Agency Oki ml 390 elite Noise Measurement method The printer is eljte 2.

ESC k n Dec: Table Of Contents ontents Introduction ESC [ g l h m [graphics data] Dec: Enable paper out sensor Code: Oki Electronics Singapore Pte. Oki ml 390 elite the graphics mode specified by m, and prints graphics data. ESC e n Dec: Noise Measurement method The printer is placed 2.