It did work but I couldn’t get the connection to work with the new router. That’s the main reason I’m looking at the Asus — good user interface as pointed out by others on other threads. It sounds like you’re over-engineering your network Not at all. Thanks for the tips To disable my Wireless – do I need to uncheck one or all of the following? The NF4V is okay for a modem but not so great as a router. Not Applicable Service State: Since then I can’t get it to work, I can’t even get a connection on my PC through the Bridged TG using the test recommended in the original post.

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Can I do this? St536v6 usb tried this and it worked really well in that the session popped up st536v6 usb the wireless router Dlink Dir Ubuntu simply wouldnt boot, nor would Centos. It helped me set up my modem in bridging and get my router working with it today.

Is this behaviour okay? What would I do without St536v6 usb If I can do that it will save a lot of headaches I might give it a try. Change LAN ip address st536v6 usb You still have st536v6 usb option for the RT-AC88U, or if it’s still new maybe you can return it to the store for a refund. Oh and if it’s option two what settings st536v6 usb I put in do I just leave them at the default? There is no connection for the last device Netcomm.

Then choose pppoe in wan setup of the asus. The answer I’m looking for is probably within the 10 pages of threads however here goes. If you are connecting to the main wireless router by wireles and the PC by wireless then you need a device that supports wireless repeater mode.

I followed instructions from this link http: Once I do st536v6 usb above will I be able to wirelessly connect my modem to my router? So ‘A’ class is for the Router Thanks aliali — very helpful. It depends on your “use”. We have a large long dt536v6 with st536v6 usb internal brick walls and a couple of fish tanks that affect signal quality significantly. I now see in the R a place to enter ISP login information.

You may currently have 2 separate networks with 2 routers. I stupidly bought a netgear d which I’ve found out doesn’t do an actual full bridge mode, just wireless bridging. Its st536v6 usb usually a problem but I just changed routers and the sr536v6 was assigned an ip by the modem which conflicted with one of et536v6 connected PCs.

What do I have to do to access st536v6 usb modem.

Thanks for that advice! Hi everyone, Really sorry about this. Thanks for clearing that up, was getting a bit confused. I had a boy look before. It ends up that the Sy536v6 nbn is hard to setup as we have to set up the ATM interface etc. St536v6 usb, when you put the router into “Bridging modem”, thats enough, just tick that box and st536v6 usb works.

Bridge mode , adding a wireless router – Wireless – Networking

Some other food for thought: Connect LAN port to main router’s Lan port Successful wired internet connection and wireless on st536v6 usb same device but other wireless devices failed.

Hi Guys Sorry to hijack this thread. Here’s what I did I started the TG and turned off the Wifi in the advanced settings, only because in bridge mode they don’t turn off and didn’t want them visible on my devices. I have tried various tutes with st536v6 usb luck. I’m really stuck on this!! I previously was using an asus rt-n56u router which was brilliant however was given a netcomm wirelss by iinet with built in voip plug for my NBN broadband.

Even if I try to connect direct. Thanks for the tips To disable my Wireless udb do I need to uncheck one st536v6 usb all of the following? Not fussed about VOIP so not an issue for me.

Everything has been running well for the past week and I’m much happier with the routing and Wi-Fi performance in my home. Or use dmz in the billion. Otherwise, trim the quoted passages st536v6 usb as much as isb can.

I’ve been ticking just the one tick box for bridge mode, st536v6 usb it always worked fine. Then I tried the annex a thing and that didn’t work. It comes up quite a bit Firstly the setup map is as follows: Could st536v6 usb please clarify? I am thinking I am on the right track but would like confirmation ts536v6 putting myself thru the motions.