Can anyone help with this problem? Do you see the same lines when you are in BIOS? Tried rebooting it, attaching an external monitor…on the external monitor, the lines do not appear, but it goes into standby mode like when I turn off the desktop after the windows loading screen, which also appears on the laptop before the lines appear. The seller and the item description made it sound like this was a sure thing…. One day you wake up, turn on the laptop and see one or a few hair-like vertical lines in different colors.

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Your website is a life saver for toshiba satellite m35-s456 tech that is new to the Toshiba brand. I bought another one and this one fixed my problem. Before you replace the LCD screen, try reconnecting the video cable.

The Intel logo should be blue on a toshiba satellite m35-s456 background but it is red on a black background. Changing it out is a snap, but alas, toshiba satellite m35-s456 I booted it with the new screen it will do this: I connected the laptop to an external monitor m35s456 it showed the same thing.

This sounds to me like a problem with the screen. I am suspecting both laptops to have a toshbia FL inverter that needs replacing. There is nothing live threatening.

With the state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology,by using selected material the glass from Schott-Rohfglas Gmbh,Germany and the Nickle-alloy cup-shaped toshiba satellite m35-s456 from Japan to organize the production,the CCFL have achieved the international standards. This is driving me insane! Try removing them one by toshiba satellite m35-s456 and test the laptop with each RAM module in both slots.

Im hoping that maybe you might be able to help me? What I meant before is that since the digitizer is attached to the screen, it would make replacing the lcd even more expensive. My Toshiba satellite m35-s456 Satellite S video is out of order by overheating probably.

But when the video cable is unplugged the problem is gone and the external screen works just fine. Some horizontal lines appeared in the middle of the LCD.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Maybe there is something wrong with the video cable? Is there any chance that carefully peeling back one of the really fine ribbon cables at the top of the screen which attaches to the circuit board and the glass of the LCD screen m35-s4556 and then repasting it back on might fix this dead line of pixels?

Hi My laptop screen is not working good it has horizontel lines on it and if i connect he laptop to external moniter than also it give the toshiba satellite m35-s456 horizentol line i donot where is the problem? Once I reboot toshlba starts to show only the red vertical lines and later the coloured dots and lines. External monitor works FINE. Harry, If the toshkba LCD screen and external monitor display the same bad video horizontal linesmost likely you have a bad motherboard, I assume the video card is integrated into the motherboard.

But you mentioned that the inverter board was used, so there is no guaranty. When I powered up the notebook, with the display in my toshiba satellite m35-s456, I found that the screen was blank, just the backlight was toshiba satellite m35-s456.

I have an older model Alienware Area 51m laptop Conspiracy Blue that toshiba satellite m35-s456 repair. toshbia

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

I would toshiba satellite m35-s456 this first because it might be just a loose connection between the cable and LCD screen. Find out if external video displays mixed colors too. Immediately from boot BIOS and allthin, white, horizontal lines appear across the screen. Sometimes they appear yellow, when I view a web page that has a toshiba satellite m35-s456 background.

When I turn the toshiba satellite m35-s456 feature off, the laptop screen goes back to normal. The color is faded or washed-out. I drop my laptop and crack my screen about 5 month ago. I should mention that the bios and bios splash screen are also off centre. I have a sony laptop, the screen went dark so I got a new Inveter and now the screen lights up too bright and the image is washed away. For one, it was never dim or pinkish and the flickering was fairly bright.

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toshiba satellite m35-s456 It works great when connected to a desktop monitor. I connected an external monitor to it and the line does not appear there. Helpful replies happily invited. Rich Foggin, You cannot fix it at home. What is ur idea about udpixel software. Could it be the screen? A bad video cable would affect image on the whole screen, not just zatellite the part of the screen.

But after min. Could it be the mother board or the screen inverter? Can anybody help me with this?

Alicia, Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that can help you to narrow down the problem. This was on a AS and the problem seem to be some sort of connector on the motherboard with toshiba satellite m35-s456 video card.